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About Us

Get it fixed while you surf

We, at Get It Fixt, are committed to providing a wide range of services for any mobile repair and a range of accessories. We offer the top-quality facilities for our customers and make sure to enable the best efforts from our side while repairing any mobile devices. Our store is a one-stop repair and accessories center for all the requirements.

Is your phone not responding to touch? Get It Fixt
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7 main reasons why you should choose Get it Fixt Bondi Beach, apart from getting a nice tan…

1. 5 plus years experience in industry
2. One of Sydney’s best repair technicians…
if he can’t fix it, it can’t be fixed!

3. We use original LCD’s and parts
4. Bondi‘s best for refurbished iPhone’s
5. FAST…repairs in as little as 20 minutes
6. 12 months warranty on all repairs using
OEM parts

7. True value and quality

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced and specialized technicians, repairers, and diagnostics to ensure quick and reliable services. We have the right techniques and equipment to provide the best solutions to our customers. Our team never compromises on the quality of the gadgets as we serve for the satisfaction of our customers.

Services Offered

Screen Repairs and LCD

We offer screen repair services for various kinds of mobile phones and LCD monitors. team consisting of highly experienced repairers can quickly and efficiently repair or replace damaged screen parts. Any crack in mobile screens or water damage is fixed within time.


All kinds of Tablet Repair

Our store provides repair and service for any tablet device ranging from models to brands. We ensure hassle-free and quick solutions for tablet repair services. We provide a wide range of choices to fit the needs of our customers.



All kinds of Tablet Repair

Whether the battery is underperforming, dead, or not charging at all, we easily replace batteries and ensure top-quality parts. At Get It Fixt, we provide a robust and cost effective solution for any mobile brand and model. Your device will be up and running as soon as possible and delivered to you in time.

Range Of Accessories

Enjoy several mobile gadgets accessories from our one-stop store for a range of mobile devices brands and models.

From covers to power banks, visit our store for an exciting variety of accessories.


Bondi’s best for mobile repair

Your device in good hands.

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