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5 Most Common Reasons For Mobile Phone Repair

The mobile phone is now considered one of the most popular technologies that has become a part of daily life for everyone. It assists us in staying connected through communication, social media, browsing the internet, setting reminders for our daily tasks and of course for taking photos & videos. 

For most of us these days a mobile phone is like an extra limb and we need it always functioning to the best of its ability but we get anxious when it doesn’t work right. We have to remember that at the end of the day a mobile phone is a machine and undergoes wear and tear both in the hardware as well as the software. These issues will land us in the mobile repair center to get it fixed as soon as possible.

There is a brighter side to all this. If you know the reason for the damage beforehand you can skip the anxiety and walk towards the solution. A fair amount of the problems can be fixed by you right from the comfort of your home. 

Good news isn’t it? Now here’s a list of some very common reasons for either Android or iPhone repairs.

Damaged Phone Screen

Most of us have experienced this some time in our lives where we faced a broken phone screen which could be due to a clumsy moment or having your keys along with your phone in the back pocket and so on. Quickly snap yourself out of the shock and examine the damage. After which make sure you check if your phone still comes under warranty for screen protection. You will have to seek out professional help for this one as it is easier, faster and safer for the phone and affordable for you.

The Phone Operating System Crashes

If your phone’s OS crashes then it can hinder any future actions that you would like to do on your phone like using the internet or even downloading content from the net and other sources. Continuous use of this kind of system will not help it get any better so getting it repaired is the best thing to do.

Charging Port Is The Issue 

Has this happened to you when you try to insert the charging cable but your phone doesn’t start to charge? This is mainly due to a possible faulty charging port. Most often some dust or debris from outside settles in the port not allowing the cable to reach the sections from where it needs to begin charging. Corrosion due to water damage or just plain hardware damage are a few other reasons why it is causing you an issue. 

Before doing anything just check if your phone works with a different cable. If it does then you know the cable is the one that’s the issue and not your phone. If it is not hardware related then you can give it a shot right from home. You will need a few tools to help you if you need to clean the port but they aren’t things that are hard to find. Q-tips, toothpicks, paperclips or compressed air can be used to clean up. 

In case you still weren’t able to succeed then you can take it down to a repair center and get it fixed by a trusted professional.

Liquid Damage

You never know when accidents can happen. You might just spill some coffee or juice on your device or may have dropped it in the toilet or tub. No matter what gadgets don’t go well with liquids and usually comes with issues that can’t be reversed. But all hope is not lost. You can try the following few things for mobile phone liquid damage on your own first:

  1. Immediately switch off your phone and dry it completely
  2. If you can then open up your phone and separate all the removable parts like the battery, sd card, etc. and let them dry off.
  3. Use rice or silica gel to help revive your phone

You can try these but if none of them work get it checked by your trusted phone repair centre. If around liquids in the future then be a bit more weary of your surroundings. Place your phone in a try area or maybe use a waterproof pouch. 

Battery Draining Too Fast

If you happen to notice that your phone’s battery is starting to lose charge faster than before then this could be an issue to look into. The most common cause of this are the background apps that are constantly running so make sure you close them if not in use. Other than that 3rd party apps have the tendency to draw in more charge or cause viruses not allowing your phone to charge completely. If you see any suspicious apps on your phone then it’s better you delete them immediately. Otherwise another reason could be that the battery itself is now defective which then you will need to opt for a battery replacement

Wrap Up 

These are just a few reasons out of many why your phone may make you go to the repair center. None of us are perfect but we can try to take better care of our phones to avoid any future trips to the repair centre. But if anything happens it’s best to get it done by professionals. 

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Thanks for reading.