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AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro Teardown Comparison

Airpods 3 versus Beats Fit Pro are the two challengers in the ring this month. Which of these two is the better value for your money? We’ve reviewed all of the factors so you can decide which one is best for you. You can buy your favourite earbuds from us near Bondi Beach. Beats provides a solid fit, while Apple AirPods 3 provides comfort. They both appear to be extremely similar at first sight. They’re both equipped with an Apple H1 chip, which has Apple’s most advanced technologies in automated device switching, audio sharing, and spatial audio. Both variants include six-hour battery life and support for Siri’s “Hey Siri” speech assistant. The similarities, however, stop here.

When you look closely, you’ll see that both have a lot of differences. The Fit Pro versions, in particular, offer flexible, secure-fit wingtips for improved in-ear stability. They also come with active noise cancellation and transparency mode. However, the newer AirPods offer a few perks of their own, so let’s go through everything. Go through our Beats comparison with the new Airpod!

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro- Pricing   

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro Pricing   

In the first category, we’ll look at its price, which is the most objective and straightforward to assess.

The new AirPods cost A$279, while the Beats Fit Pro costs AU$300 here in Bondi Beach. That $20 difference in AirPods comparison isn’t huge, but it makes for a significant difference in features and performance between the two, as you’ll discover.

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro- Design  

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro Design  

When it comes to earbud design, it’s all about fit and comfort. Unfortunately, a perfect fit between the two is unusual. The simplistic design of Apple AirPods has long been criticised for falling out too readily, but replaceable ear tips are rarely comfy. The Beats pro ear tips, on the other hand, include flexible wingtips that promise a secure fit and prevent the earbuds from slipping out during vigorous movement. The sole drawback to this design is that the wingtips may cause pressure in the ears, resulting in minor discomfort after prolonged usage.

Rather than the ultra-secure fit given by Beats, AirPods 3 provide improved comfort. The new contour fit reduces discomfort by causing no pressure within the ear. As a result, the redesigned AirPods are more comfortable to use for long periods. At the same time, the AirPods’ secure fit isn’t as good as the Beats Fit Pro’s, so they’re more likely to slip out during a workout.

In terms of aesthetics, both earbuds are slim and elegant. The Beats Fit Pro comes in four different hues, while the AirPods 3 have a shorter stem for a more compact size. The Beats are available in Stone Purple and Sage Gray, in addition to the standard black and white hues, for a more daring aesthetic. The AirPods are exclusively available in white, as is customary.

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro- Sound Quality   

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro Sound Quality   

Both the new AirPods and the Beats are among the best wireless earbuds under $300 when it comes to pure audio output. Apple, if nothing else, knows how to put high-quality speakers into small spaces.

With AirPods comparison to Beat, Both earbuds enhance the richness of any audio mix by exposing both high and low frequencies, allowing the listener to focus on even the most delicate instrument in a song. Nothing gets washed out or flattened. The Beats Pro, on the other hand, has something the AirPods don’t: killer bass.

The new AirPods have average bass output. It’s there, to be sure, but it’s never just what you’re looking for and doesn’t stand out in any way. The Beats Fit Pro, on the other hand, may make you feel like you’ve strapped a subwoofer to your ears.

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro- Battery Life     

AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro Battery Life     

When using Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency mode, the Beats Fit Pro can provide up to six hours of listening time. When just Adaptive EQ is turned on, the time jumps to seven hours. The charging case extends the battery life by 21 hours.

The battery life of both the AirPods3 and the Beats Fit Pro is great, with roughly six hours of listening time on a full charge. The Beats, on the other hand, can last up to six hours with ANC switched on, but the AirPods don’t.  

You Should Buy Airpods 3 if:       

Apple Airpods 3
  • You want to save a few bucks
  • You like earbuds with a more open, basic style.
  • Compact case & wireless charging

Apple’s AirPods 3 are a tremendous improvement over their predecessors, with a wonderfully comfy fit, Apple’s newest computational audio technology, and a clever MagSafe charging case. Apple’s force touch controls are also among the most user-friendly on any earphone.

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You Should Buy Beats Pro if:   

Beats Fit Pro Get It Fixt
  • You want a secure fit and multiple ear tips
  • You want active noise cancellation.
  • You want something compatible with both Android and Apple
  • You like colours

For active noise cancellation, sound quality, and a bumping bass, you can’t beat the Beats Fit Pro. They offer a unique, secure fit and support spatial audio as well.

Final Verdict      

Apple AirPods 3 vs Beats Fit Pro

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With our Beats compared to AirPods coming to an end, we have the final verdict. While the new AirPods have a little pricing advantage over the Beats Fit Pro, they aren’t superior in any other way. Although both earbuds have good sound quality, the Beats Fit Pro’s is one of the finest in its price range. AirPods sound great, too, but due to a lack of bass and noise cancellation, they don’t quite match up.

The Beats Pro’s incorporation of very strong noise cancellation is enough to put it ahead of AirPods in terms of features. Yes, AirPods have wireless charging and Beats headphones do not, but being able to hear music is more crucial. When you add in improved comfort and Android functionality, it’s evident that the Beats Fit Pro outperforms the new AirPods.

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