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Buying an Apple iPad is not at all cheap, and repairing it can also cost alot. Even if your Apple iPad is under a year warranty, still it does not cover accidental damage. Though Apple manufactures the most expensive devices and has one of the largest market shares, it also charges money for unintentional damages.

 AppleCare Plus warranty costing $99 for two years, and it covers two incidents of accidental damage for a $49 service fee. But it has a mandatory condition that you need to purchase it within 60 days after purchase. If you cannot go to an offline Apple store for repairing your broken iPad screen, you can even mail your device that will cost a shipping fee of $6.95.

There is a massive difference between the repairing charges of cracked iPad screens with and without an AppleCare warranty. For example, The screen repairing amount of iPad Pro 12.9 inch (4th generation) is usually $649, but if you have AppleCare, it will just cost $49. The price difference is also the same in the iPad Pro 12.9 inch (3rd generation). In the iPad Air, the cost of the screen repair with AppleCare is $49 while without it $249.

These examples prove that screen repairing of cracked screens is reasonable for an individual having AppleCare from the one who does not purchase it. You can order a temporary replacement iPad with the help of Apple’s Express Replacement Service, even before you take your device to Apple.

When you send your Apple iPad online for getting a screen replaced, they usually take 4-5 days to send you a temporary replacement. If you go to an offline store to get an iPad fixed, it will be free of cost, but you will have to pay any applicable taxes. You can also start a repair request on the Apple website. According to Apple, if your Apple iPad screen was broken due to an accident or abuse, then you will have to pay the full value. Still, although it is not cheap, it is better to go for the option of repairing so that you can bring your Apple iPad to a state close to new.

As the repairing of a cracked iPad screen is not at all cheap, so if Apple doesn’t cover it under any warranty, then you can even use it that way only. Instead, you can purchase a protective case of screen cover so that there is no further damage to your broken iPad screen. If there are any cracks on your device, you can go to an Apple store and determine if Apple covers those flaws or defects under any warranty apart from the one-year automatic warranty.

There are various third-parties Apple repair stores where repairing your broken iPad screen takes place, though they are not cheap. If you go to a non-Apple repair store to repair your cracked iPad screen, it will automatically void your warranty because Apple can tell if any non-Apple employee opens your device. 

Before giving your device to a non-Apple repair store, you can inquire about various aspects such as how long it will take for them to repair the screen, how much amount will it cost, and different types of warranty they offer. Lastly, you can also inquire about the replacement parts, its quality, and where they get it from. It would be best if you were sure enough about the services and parts of the non-Apple repair shop to have a crack-free screen because it will even void your warranty with the Apple store. With the internet’s help, you can find about various third-party repair shops and even check their reviews and ratings of that store to quickly decide if you want to get the repair of your broken iPad screen from that store not. 

Though there are many DIY tutorials on the internet to follow to repair your cracked iPad screen, glass replacement kits are also available. Still, you should prefer leaving this task to professionals because it is not easy as it seems to be replacing the entire touch screen is easier than repairing the entire glass. After all, you will have to separate the glass from the touch screen, and then finally, with the help of glue, attach the new glass to the touch screen, that is a bit difficult. Using the DIY tutorial will also end your warranty with the Apple store, so it is better not to try such a tutorial.