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How to resolve the screen unlock problem on the iPad?

Suppose your iPad lock screen freezes or stops responding; your heart will surely miss a beat. Of course, this isn’t a minor issue! Your first response will be to calmly remove the battery and restart the phone in other phones and devices. But this is an iPad, and it does not come with a removable battery. You might be stuck in an emergency where your iPad would not unlock. Here are some simple tips and tricks to unlock the iPad screen to deal with such a disastrous problem whenever it goes offbeat.

Here the top reasons why this happens in the first place; before giving you the tips and tricks of the iPad lock screen issue,

Top reasons for iPad lock screen issue

1. When you keep your iPad locked for an extended period and then try to open it, swipe to unlock the screen function may deter a bit.

2. Another big reason for iPad unlock issues might be an outdated iOS that is run on your iPad.

3. It is also possible that your iPad Lock screen might have a lot of dust accumulated on the touchscreen, making operating the slide for screen unlock more difficult and frustrating.

Now that you know why your iPad lock screen is not working correctly, you can now apply the following solutions for your specific problem and watch the issue resolving within minutes.

Sometimes Simple Power off work wonders. 

If your iPad freezes on any of your commands and gestures are not accepted by the iPad screen, you should try to power it off. 

It is simple; you need to press and hold the sleep/wake button for some time. Hold it until a red slider appears on the screen. Now, you need to slide the red slider that just seemed to power off the device. Once you have achieved power off, you can press the sleep/wake button again to unlock the iPad screen

Reboot to solve the issue.

For iPad screen unlock issues, you can reboot the device and see if the problem subsides. For this, you first need to press and release the Volume up button, followed by immediate press and release of the volume button. After that, press and hold the power button till the device reboots and restarts again automatically.

Think of updating your iOS software

If the main reason for your iPad unlock issue is an outdated iOS software on your device, then the only solution to this problem is updating your software. 

First of all, connect your iPad to a computer and then look for any possible updates using iTunes. If there are any new updates, immediately update your device by selecting the device icon. After the update, you restore your data from the iTunes backup file. 

Try to clean up the touch screen.

If your iPad lock screen is dirty, dusty, or has water on it, then it might defer your touch commands. So, make sure that your screen is clean before you panic about your iPad not working correctly. 

To clean your iPad touchscreen, use a clean, dry cloth along with a touch screen cleansing agent. Slowly wipe the screen and clean any dust or water substance on the iPad screen.

Try unlocking your iPad lock screen again after you have cleaned it.

Some other tips that you can try!

Some other methods are rarely required but may be helpful if all the above methods fail to open your iPad lock screen.

Try to press the screen’s border and the phone frame all around the area firmly to exclude any loose connections that may have precipitated this lock screen issue.

Sometimes moisture and humidity may cause such a problem with your iPad lock screen. So, take a dry cloth and absorb all the moisture from the iPad screen. It might resolve the issue.

Another tool which is a secret method to reach your home screen is Siri. If you press and hold your home button for a certain amount of time, Siri appears and asks you how it can assist you. Ask Siri to take you to any app or settings, and then while you are in the application, press the home button to get your homepage back.


If you are stuck in a situation where your iPad lock screen is not opening, don’t panic! Calm down and try to look for the problem. Once you have identified the issue, try one of the solutions given above to appropriately solve the situation. In case you cannot figure out a specific problem for your unlock issue, try turning off the phone. It will most probably unlock the iPad screen!