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Fixing Blank Screen And Liquid Spills On A Laptop

Have you ever unintentionally spilled water on your laptop?

Even though fluids and electronics don’t mix well, all is not lost if you stay calm and act promptly. You may be able to dry off your computer and resume work without too much downtime or harm depending on the type and amount of liquid spilt.

Only when water or other liquids sink into your gadget will they cause damage.

The severity of the damage varies depending on the kind and concentration of the liquid, with water being the least damaging but alcohol and other liquids causing long-term damage to your device.

So, what to do when you spill water on your laptop?

  • Don’t be frightened.
  • Forget about all the misconceptions about rice.
  • To be safe, disconnect and switch off the gadget.
  • Drain the liquid.
  • If at all feasible, open the laptop to let it dry out.
  • Remove the battery.
  • You may clean the board yourself or take it to a repair shop.
  • When it’s completely dry, turn it back on.

The faster you execute the actions, the more likely you are to save your laptop.

If you’ve spilt tea, coffee, water, milk, soda, or any other liquid on your laptop while chilling at Bondi Beach, we’ve put together a guide to help you.

 So, what to do if you spill coffee or water on your laptop?

Don’t Panic

don't panic getitfixt

First and foremost, safely assume that your data is secure. While hard discs are not completely sealed, they are well-assembled. When you spill water on the laptop, the moisture might reach your hard drive and ruin your important data if you act soon.

Minimize The Damage

laptop shutting down

Shut off your laptop as soon as the liquid spills on your keyboard. Time is the key because the longer your laptop is powered up, the more harm it may sustain as the liquid penetrates the circuits.

What to do when you spill water on your laptop? Don’t waste time-saving progress or closing files; shut down as soon as possible. Remove the battery and the adapter cord from your laptop. A damp laptop is bad enough, but a wet laptop that is still receiving power is far worse.

With The Lid Open, Turn The Computer Upside Down

upside down laptop getitfixt

When you spilled water on the laptop,  turn it upside down. This prevents the liquid from reaching the computer too deeply. Remove the battery and place it away while the computer is upside down.

What To Do When You Spill Water On Your Laptop- Soak And Drain

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After your laptop has been turned off, blot any excess liquid from the keyboard’s surface with a paper towel or cloth. To drain the liquid that has gone inside the laptop, turn it upside down and make an inverted “V” shape. Allow it to sit like this until you’re sure the majority of the liquid has drained.

If it was just simple water that spilled, leave the laptop open overnight to enable any remaining droplets to dry.

Wait until the machine is entirely dry before attempting to turn it on.

Disassemble And Clean The Computer

disassemble and clean laptop

Try to identify where the liquid has seeped into your computer and soak it up as best you can while it’s apart.  What happens if you spill water on your laptop, because of the metals, sugars, and salts present, whatever liquid you spill will be able to conduct electricity. Colas, in particular, are highly acidic and can destroy electrical components. Even if you just drink food-grade de-ionized water, particles on your computer’s surface can be transported by the liquid within your computer, implying conductivity. Unwanted conductivity is, of course, harmful to your computer.

To get into those nooks and crannies, use a blow dryer on the coldest setting or a can of compressed air if you have one. While the laptop is still upside down, carefully dry it with cool air to allow the liquid to drain. Particular care should be paid to the keyboard and the items you’ve removed. Keep the pressurised air or blow dryer moving.

Watch For Issues

issue on laptop getitfixt

After you have spilt water on the laptop and followed all the above steps. Replace the battery and connect the power cord when your laptop has been fully wiped and dried. Activate the device and keep an eye out for any strange operational concerns.

Before you took action, the liquid might have caused harm, and you may need to contact a repair shop anyhow. 

Make a note of any unusual activity, such as video issues or new error codes, and inform the technician.

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What Happens If You Spill Water On Your Laptop?

repair laptop getitfixt

What happens if you spill water on your laptop, even after the liquid has been removed from the laptop, the liquid may have affected many circuits, causing the keyboard to malfunction or the touchpad to stop responding.

In such cases, professional repair is required to provide reliable results. Go find some professional technicians near Bondi Beach. 

In some cases, replacing the hardware may be recommended, however, this is entirely dependent on the extent of the spill’s damage. 

To avoid such scenarios in the future, cover your laptop with a clear silicon or plastic keyboard cover to protect it from external hazards such as water or dust. 

Covering the ventilation holes, on the other hand, may cause the internal hardware to overheat, resulting in significant faults.

If you are ever stuck with a damp laptop near Bondi Beach, don’t panic. Get it fixt is here for you! 

Thanks for reading!