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Most Common Laptop Problems And Their Solutions

A huge chunk of the world has gone digital as of late. This means that your devices like a laptop or phone have to be with you on the go. Even though most laptops now have more power, more capacity, and more memory, there may still be common problems that arise with your machine. While there are some laptop problems that require professional and affordable notebook repairs, most of the problems can be taken care of from the comfort of your home. 

Here are some very common problems people face with their laptops along with the way you can fix it.


Overheating is one of the most common problems you can find amongst laptops these days. Unfortunately, if your laptop begins to overheat it will lack in performance as well as result in a system crash and freezing. You may wonder why this happens more with laptops when all devices have the tendency to overheat. The main reason is due to its smaller size, higher performance, and lack of ventilation it requires.

One solution to this problem is to check the air vents to see if any dust, grime or other particles have been situated there which will deprive your system of the cool airflow needed by the CPU. If that’s the case then just clearing up the clogged vents with a cloth should do the trick. To prevent further dust from collecting you can place a small filter cloth on the side of the vent where cool air is entering. If there is any dust later it’ll be stuck to the cloth which you can easily replace.

Reduce Drive Speeds

Disorganized information on your hard drive can sap performance because the computer requires more time to sift through data fragments and bad sectors on the drive. The problems you will notice are slow file transfers and long program load time. But there is a way to fix it right from home. Using the Disk Defragmenter tool you will be able to conduct defragging more efficiently. This can be accessed from the programs menu where you have to click ‘Analyze’ to see if your disk drive requires defragmenting, if yes then click ‘Defragment’ to begin.

Trouble Connecting To Wifi

The main reason everyone carries a laptop around and does not haul a full desktop pc system is that it’s lightweight and can connect to wireless networks in any place that offers it. But if your laptop isn’t able to connect or is frequently losing connection while browsing then the main point is defeated. But wireless networks, by nature, are unpredictable. Some laptops come with an external button or switch to enable wireless connectivity. Always make sure this wireless toggle is switched on. Also, make sure that the network you’re connecting to is broadcasting its network name or SSID.

Battery Drains Instantly If Not Plugged In

This is another super common problem you will find in most laptops over time. When your laptop is not plugged in you’ll notice that the battery drains to 0% within minutes which can be a hindrance especially if you’re working on something important and suddenly there’s a power cut. Since laptops use lithium-ion batteries, they have the tendency to lose their ability to hold a charge. The easiest fix for this is to just replace the battery with a brand new one. One way to prevent this from occurring with your new battery before its time is to make sure you don’t make the plugged-in laptop work on a full battery, this is known to deplete the battery’s life span.

Keyboard Keys Coming Loose

Another problem that occurs over time depending on the amount of use. Laptop keyboards can be quite delicate and as humans, we can always resist pressure on them so after a few years, you will start to see the keys not function as they should. This is mostly due to the keys becoming loose. After a few more times they just end up coming off. The solution for this is to replace the keyboard completely in one shot.


It’s time to take care of our laptops to the best of our ability. Wear and tear is inevitable but we can increase the shelf life by a few more years if we take good care of them. If you’re facing any of these problems now you know a way you can fix it in a jiffy. If your laptop still isn’t working then it’s time for you to seek some professional help. Get It Fixt is the place you need to go for reliable and efficient laptop repairs in Bondi. If you’re also looking for apple specific services then you’re in luck since we’ve got Macbook repairs near Bondi Beach again! Make sure you stop by or contact us for any device-related issues.

Thanks for reading!