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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review- Design, Performance, Price & More

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is more than just a foldable phone. It’s a movement on the verge of taking up. In practically every way, Samsung’s successful reimagining of its first foldable design improves on the original Galaxy Fold. It begins with the new 6.2-inch outer screen and continues with the 7.6-inch inner display, as well as every hinge part, notch, and crevice in between, resulting in a high-end smartphone that brings a full-size foldable phone from the realm of fiction to the brink of reality for the first time.

Samsung’s first Galaxy Fold was a brilliant concept that failed so miserably. Samsung had to redesign the smartphone when review models failed in several ways, prompting the company to lose distribution partners, remove colour options, and deliver the foldable device late. Samsung has made several major improvements, both major and minor, that all add to a more seamless and delightful experience. Samsung hit all the right notes in its powerful sequel, from the upgraded outside display to the strengthened materials and perfected build quality.

That isn’t to say that Fold 2 is flawless, or that it is perfect for everyone. Samsung z fold 2 price is a whooping $2000, It costs more than many laptops. Is this the phone you’ve been looking for? In our Galaxy Z Fold 2 review, we’ll find out.

Our Bondi Beach techs will explain everything about the Samsung Fold 2 in this article.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review

Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Design

Galaxy Z Fold 2- Design Get it fixt

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 takes the top rank as the company’s flagship folding phone. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 appears to be a traditional-looking phone with a 6.2-inch display at first glance. There’s no need to open it to get to the main display; it’s fully functional on its own. 

What makes this phone so appealing is what it becomes when you unfold it. The hinges are under a lot of tension, so it won’t open by accident, nor will it open with a flick of the wrist. However, once unfolded, you’ll be surprised by a large 7.6-inch screen. The phone essentially transforms into a small tablet with a 5:4 aspect ratio, which is much more square than you’d expect from a handheld

Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Performance

Galaxy Z Fold 2- Performance Get it fixt

The Snapdragon 865 Plus powers the phone, which comes in only one configuration: 128GB RAM and 256GB of internal non-expandable storage (no microSD card). The phone also has the normal bulge of lenses in the front. Not only does it feature Qualcomm’s fastest chipset but Samsung also includes a lot of memory and storage with the phone.

As per our Samsung Fold 2 review, the phone is quite quick. Very quick. We didn’t experience any lag or slowdowns while using it daily. The Z Fold 2 breezed through every operation. The 120Hz screen never stuttered, and screen transitions were seamless. Games like Asphalt and PUBG ran well and looked fantastic on the huge screen.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Display 

Galaxy Z Fold 2- Display  get it fixt

The inner display of the Z Fold 2 is about the same size as some small tablets, such as the iPad mini, at 7.6 inches diagonally.

Flex Mode, which dynamically changes UI components around select apps as you fold the display, is one of the Z Fold 2’s outstanding features. Flex Mode is especially useful for propping up the Z Fold 2 on a table or other surface, such as in YouTube, because the hinge can stay open at most angles.

In our Samsung fold 2 review, multitasking is another area where the phone shines. Running two apps simultaneously isn’t a feature exclusive to this phone; it’s been part of Android since version 7 Nougat. The inner display, on the other hand, has enough space to run two full-screen apps at the same time, each around the same size as the cover screen. By tapping the divider between the apps, you can rapidly swap their positions or pick between a vertical or horizontal split, as well as drag and drop text and other items from one app to the other.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Camera

Galaxy Z Fold 2- Camera Get it fixt

On the Z Fold 2, Samsung did exactly what it needed to do in terms of simplifying and improving the photography experience. Not only is the software improved across the board, but so is the camera’s general performance. There are five cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2: three on the back, one on the front, and one on the inside. That’s quite a collection of cameras. A trio of 12MP shooters makes up the triple-camera array on the rear, which covers normal, wide-angle, and telephoto functions.

Galaxy Z Fold 2 – Battery 

Galaxy Z Fold 2- Battery Get it fixt

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2’s battery life once again exceeded our expectations in our galaxy z fold 2 review. The odds were stacked against a phone with an average-sized battery and a larger-than-average display. Recharging using the 25W charger takes around an hour and a half, although it significantly slows down the recharging process.

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Samsung Fold 2 Review – Should You Buy it?

Samsung Fold 2- Get it fixt

From our galaxy z fold 2 reviews, it is a fantastic piece of hardware that also offers an excellent software experience. Samsung made all of the necessary improvements to its first folding phone, cementing the premise that a phone may also function as a tablet.

The updated and upgraded Cover Display is ideal for fast use scenarios and notification handling. Because of its capacity to hold any position, the new hinge design is smoother and more useful. Its size is unavoidable, and it will take some time for users to adjust to the idea of opening it to utilise the tablet-sized display. 

Apps seamlessly transition between the outer and inner displays, letting you go on with your tasks while moving from one to the other. The huge main screen has enough space to run three apps simultaneously for the ultimate multitasking experience.

What are the drawbacks? For starters, there’s the matter of size. It’s a massive phone. It’s also not water-resistant, lacks a headphone port, and is maybe more fragile than other phones. Then there’s the matter of the cost. The phone is quite expensive, the Samsung z fold 2 price is almost $2,000 in total. Is the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 a good buy? Yes, if you have $2,000 and want to do something different.

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