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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 : Features & Tips You Need to Know!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a follow-up to one of our favourite smartwatches of all time, and it’s the first time the brand has embraced Wear OS software in a long time. It’s not your typical Wear OS watch, though; it’s named One UI Watch 3 and was built by Samsung with the assistance of Google.

The watch’s design has a lot to enjoy about it. A simulated spinning bezel – a feature carried over from the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 – works hand in hand with two buttons on the right side to provide quick navigating through the smartwatch’s menus. Some may miss the Galaxy Watch 3’s spinning bezel, but this is an excellent substitute.

The fitness elements aren’t drastically different from what we’ve seen previously, but there is a new body composition tool that provides you with an estimate of your body fat %. We discovered that the Samsung SmartWatch 4’s GPS, heart rate monitoring, and other fitness capabilities are well-thought-out.

On paper, the overall upgrade is limited in software and hardware, but the Watch 4 is suitable for anyone looking for a top-end smartwatch that can track workouts as well as offer a lot of other smart features that many alternative wrist companions can’t.

In this article, our techs from Bondi Beach will tear down the setup of the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. 

Samsung Watch 4 Release Date  

Samsung Watch 4 Release Date from Get it fixt

The Galaxy SmartWatch 4 was introduced at Samsung’s Unpacked event and is available in Australia from September 10, 2021.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 line is priced as follows in Australia:

  • Bluetooth (40mm) – $399
  • Bluetooth (44mm) – $449
  • LTE Small (40mm) – $499
  • LTE Large (44mm) – $549

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Features Get it fixt

The Samsung SmartWatch 4 comes in two distinct watch face sizes — 40mm and 44mm — and four different colour options: black, silver, green, and pink gold. It has, as predicted, improved upon previous versions’ specifications. The following are some important specifications:

  • 20 percent faster CPU with a 5nm processor
  • RAM that is 50% quicker
  • GPU performance has been boosted tenfold.
  • A display with a higher resolution
  • Memory expandable to 16 GB
  • Battery life of up to 40 hours

Design and Display  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Design and Display Get it fixt

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a compact smartwatch that fits easily around your wrist. The Galaxy Watch 4 features a slimmer design, with two buttons on the right-hand edge and little else to detract from its clean appearance. There are two variants available, one with a 40mm watch face and the other with a 44mm body. Aluminium is used in both variants. The 40mm model is 40.4 x 39.3 x 9.8mm and weighs 25.9g, while the 44mm model measures 44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8mm and weighs 30.3g.

Both variants have bright and easy-to-read screens. The resolution is also excellent, with the 40mm model having 396 x 396 pixels and the 44mm variant having 450 x 450 pixels. Both variants have a pixel density of 330 pixels per inch.

When compared to rival smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch 4’s ‘virtual’ rotating bezel is a standout feature. There isn’t a physical rotating bezel in this game! Each model is also water and dust resistant to IP68 standards, allowing them to be submerged in water up to five metres deep.

Performance and Software  

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Software get it fixt

Samsung’s Exynos W920 CPU and 1.5GB of RAM power the Watch 4. During our testing, we discovered that this is sufficient power to operate a variety of apps without stuttering. This is one of the most responsive smartwatches we’ve ever experienced. Both variants of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 have 16GB of storage. We discovered that the OS and preloaded apps took up roughly 8GB of this, leaving you with the same amount of space for your apps and music.

The Galaxy Watch 4 impresses in terms of software. Samsung is re-embracing Google’s Wear OS, but with its twist, rather than using its own Tizen wearables software.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Fitness Get it fixt

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 features several health and fitness features, including GPS for running track, an optical heart rate sensor, and ECG support. The new 3-in-1 BioActive Sensor, which allows the watch to track heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and body composition, is the key fitness update. The only new feature in the list is the last one, but it’s the first time the sensors have been combined.

Samsung claims that its body composition measurement tools allow users to examine important fitness indicators like skeletal muscle mass and body fat percentage. These scans are simple to perform, but you must remain still for them to operate.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Battery Get it fixt

The 361mAh battery in the 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 proved to be a good performer; we discovered that even with intensive use, the smartwatch would last at least two days on a single charge, and if you’re not regularly using fitness features, you can expect the watch to last three days. The 40mm version has a smaller 247mAh cell.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Reset  

Samsung Galaxy Watch Reset Get it fixt

You should reset your Samsung smartwatch 4 if you want to give it to a family member or if you just want a fresh start. All of your data will be deleted, and the watch will be reset to factory settings, so you won’t have to worry about personal information remaining on it.

You may factory reset your Galaxy Watch 4 using 2 techniques. If your phone is still connected to your watch and you have access to it, you can reset it using the Wearable app, which you use to set up and control all Samsung wearable devices. You can also use the watch to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Both of these techniques do a full factory reset on the watch, wiping all of your data and returning it to the state it was in when you first got it. That means you can utilize any method you like or is most convenient for you.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Reset- Using Your Smartphone  

You must pair your Galaxy Watch 4 with your phone and keep it close enough to share information over Bluetooth to do a factory reset with your phone. Samsung Wearable app can then be used to start the reset. Here’s how to use your phone to factory reset a Galaxy Watch 4:

  • Place the watch near your phone and make sure it is turned on and linked via Bluetooth.
  • Tap Watch Settings in the Samsung Wearable app on your phone.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select General.
  • Scroll down and tap Reset.
  • Tap Reset to confirm.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Reset- From the Watch

  • Drag down from the main watch face.
  • Go to the Settings tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select General.
  • The reset can be found by scrolling down and tapping the Reset button.

You now know all the important features of the Galaxy Watch 4. Are you ready to buy it? If you are looking for the Samsung repairs in Bondi Beach or the best quality mobile repair shop contact us for the services.

Hope you loved this piece from our techs in Bondi Beach! Thanks for reading!