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Manufacturing defects are one of the problems which happen to some of the devices. Some of
the people get the screen broken; some may have the camera repaired, etc. These can be fixed
in a cell phone shop.

Every device has certain bugs or any other thing which is actually due to its manufacturing
defect. But to get a perfect device with no manufacturing defect or bugs or any problem needs
years and years of experience with the latest technology instruments.

Motherboard issues can be quite frustrating. Some of these problems require the attention of a
professional also. So let us look at them!

Takedown the motherboard problems

Motherboard faults give rise to a lot of problems, and fixing this motherboard is a solution for
most of the problems. Most of the symptoms of motherboard fault include constant overheating
of phones, a lot of error messages, super draining of battery, etc.

You can see the best ways to repair the motherboard problems of your iPhone in the guide


The first little step you need to do is to restart your iPhone. This will not erase your data or
memory. All you need to do is to
● Hold Press the power button or the two volume buttons. An option called "SLIDE TO
POWER OFF" will appear, and you have to swipe it to turn off your device.
● Keep the device off for more than 30 seconds
● Now turn on your device on your iPhone.
In some cases like glitches, it will be solved, and if the problem still exists, you can try the next


Always check your memory. Some of the lag or glitches occur because of low memory. Low
memory can also affect the performance of the iPhone. You can check your memory state by
following these steps.
● Go to settings
● Now to general settings
● Then choose iPhone storage
This will lead you to the storage settings. If the memory is almost full, it is better if you delete
unwanted applications. If the status is really low and the problem still exists, you must take your
iPhone to a technician.


The software should always be updated. If you do not update your software, it will lead to
decreased performance of your iPhone. You must always keep your iPhone updated. With the
latest versions of IOS software, you can get solutions for more battery, better performance, and
solving of several other irritating bugs.

You can update your software with the help of a reputed technician for good results.

If the problem still exists even though you checked all of the above, it is the best for you to take
your iPhone to a technician. They must be reputed technicians, or you may have to face a lot of
fraud issues. No phone comes with no issues. Every iPhone may have some or other bugs, and
you must solve them all to have a great experience with your iPhone.