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Google is a home brand for almost all households. Every day you search hundreds of material
in Google. However, the search engine giant decided to expand with its smartphone series
Pixel. It boasts of larger than life storage space and amazing camera quality. The last addition
to this series was Google Pixel 3XL. It became a sensation as it was among the few flagship
phones that the middle class could afford. Even when you go to online news tabloids, they are
always speculating about Pixel 4 and XL. Such is the craze of this series. The smartphone
would be close to any person who owns it. So even a small scratch would feel like a stab from a
sword. Then what would it feel like when your Google Pixel 3XL faces water damage.
Smartphones are electronic devices, and water is like a disease to them. Sudden rain or the slip
of the smartphone into a water puddle is enough to damage it for a long time. People do many
things to get rid of the phone from this disease. However, most of these methods further
damage the smartphone. So here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts when your Pixel 3XL suffers water damage.



Remove SIM

When your phone suffers water damage, the first thing to do is remove the SIM from it. Take a
dry cloth to clean the SIM slot and ensure that it is dry and away from any moisture. Use a mini
vacuum if possible to suck any water from the SIM slot. Keep the suction level at the lowest to
avoid any damage. Repeat the exercise for the memory slot and charging port as well.

Wait For The Smartphone To Dry

Once you remove everything, wait for the smartphone to dry. Meanwhile, place the removed
part in a towel and keep it at a warm place. Do not place the towel under direct sunlight. Take a
dry cloth and dab the moist areas of the smartphone before you try any revival method.

Stay Away In Case Of Smoke

Sometimes smartphones emit smoke which can be a threatening sign. It is best to keep the
smartphone at an idle place. Do not go near due to the possibility of fire. Keep the smartphone
at a place where it will not cause a bigger fire.

Bury The Phone Under Rice

It might look a bit unconventional, but it has done wonders in many cases. When your phone is
all soaked in water, put it inside a pile of rice for at least 48 hours. The rice grains soak up the
water from the phone and helps it in drying up faster.

Twenty Minutes Of Charging After Drying Up

If you get satisfied that your phone is fully dry, then its time to switch it on. However, do not
switch on the phone as soon as you put the parts back. Charge the phone for twenty minutes
before you try to switch on the phone. However, charge the phone only if it’s fully dry.


Do Not Switch On Your Phone

Before you get your phone in hand, it will get soaked in water. Your phone would have died due
to the entry of water inside it. The most common mistake one commits is attempting to switch on
the smartphone. The circuit of your phone is moist. An attempt to switch it on can short circuit
the whole smartphone. It will take away the little hopes of reviving the smartphone.

Do Not Charge The Phone Immediately

When the phone doesn’t switch on after repeated attempts, people commit another mistake.
They think that the battery might have gone out and try to charge the smartphone. Charging can
have a similar effect on switching on the smartphone. When you charge, the circuit activates.
When it is moist, it can lead to a short circuit.

No To Hair Dryer

People come up with innovative ideas to dry the phone. Using a mini vacuum is a smart idea.
However, using a hairdryer is an equally dumb thing to do. Hairdryer exhales hot and warm air
while a vacuum sucks the water out. A hair dryer can, therefore, cause a burn on the
smartphone and a potential fire.

No To Microwave Oven

You might think that no one uses a microwave oven to dry the phone. However, the reality is
that many people use it thinking of it as an excellent idea. It can be very dangerous as it can
cause a fire. Even the microwave is at the risk of fire in case the smartphone burns up.


These Do’s and Don’ts are just tiny steps of reviving your water damaged smartphone. The
above points are like precautions and first aid assistance given to a human being. The best
thing, however, is to take the phone to a repair centre. The above points do not guarantee a
hundred percent success.