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Why Does Your iPhone Motherboard Malfunction?

A motherboard is one of your phone’s most important components. It functions as the heart of your phone, similar to the CPU of a computer. It connects several of your phone’s critical components.

How Can You Identify If Your iPhone Motherboard is Functional or Not?

iPhone Motherboard Get It Fixt
  • Check to see whether you can send and receive calls without experiencing any overheating problems. Also, be certain that you can charge your iphone on a regular basis (check the battery indicator).
  • Check that your iphone is not becoming hot when charging. If not, your iPhone motherboard is in good operating order.
  • You can’t even start your phone if the motherboard fails or is broken. In rare circumstances, your iphone may function OK, but the battery will quickly deplete due to overheating.
  • Your iphone turns on but the screen is blank. If your phone regularly vibrates when you switch it on but the screen is blank this time then it’s time for your iPhone motherboard repair.
  •  Your iphone may reboot when it is unable to cope with what is going on in the system or when the system is overwhelmed. However, if it repeatedly switches on and off, something is most likely wrong with the motherboard.
  • If you observe that some hardware features of the device, such as the charging point, headphone jack, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, SIM card connection, GPS, begin to misbehave or cease operating, it is most likely the result of a faulty iphone motherboard.

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There are numerous principal factors of iPhone issues, independent of model or version. A malfunctioning motherboard is one of the most typical causes of these issues. The motherboard of an iPhone might now fail for a variety of reasons. While some of these reasons are technical in nature, others are influenced by physical forces outside of the body. Whatever the reason or cause, when there is a motherboard issue in an iPhone, the only method to fix it is to take the device to a reputable repair shop in Bondi Beach. 

Here we have curated a list of possible reasons for your iphone motherboard malfunction. Read them out!

Physical Damage to iPhone Motherboard      

Physically Damaged iPhone Motherboard Get It Fixt

iPhone motherboards of the current ones in the market are quite sturdy and do not fail for no apparent cause. Physical harm caused by a forceful fall or impact to the device is one of the most common reasons for motherboard malfunction. When you drop or hit the iPhone, it generates a shock wave through the motherboard’s circuitry, inflicting considerable damage to its components. The circuits will deteriorate, severely compromising the device’s operation.

Water or Other Liquid Damage to iPhone Motherboard    

Water Damaged iPhone Motherboard Get It Fixt   

This is another very common reason behind the malfunction of the iPhone motherboard. As and when you spill water or other liquid on the phone or the phone itself drops in water, the circuitry of the motherboard comes in instant contact with the liquid. Now when the circuit section of the motherboard comes in contact with moisture, it loses its functional characteristics and it causes the motherboard to break the hairline. Thus, never delay, if your iPhone is water damaged and you see it turning dead due to the damage. Get your device to a reputed store near Bondi Beach for iPhone logic board repair . The techies out there will use specialized tools and follow specific ways to fix the glitch at the earliest before there is any serious structural damage or disintegration of the circuitry.

Exposure of iPhone Motherboard to Too Much Dirt or Dust    

Exposure of iPhone Motherboard to Dirt or Dust    

Another common reason for iPhone motherboard failure is exposure to dirt and dust. When the motherboard comes into contact with too much dust and grime, it adversely damages the functioning parts of the circuitry and blunts its sensitivity, causing it to slow down. This may intensify with time, rendering your device as dead as a rock. Thus, if you are in a dusty environment, such as a construction, mining, or excavation site, or if you are trapped in a gale or severe storm, it is best to keep your iPhone covered or shielded from all the dust.

Extensive Gameplay        

Apple iPhone Bionic Chip Get it fixt

iPhone motherboards are also harmed by excessive use of low-end games, which tend to overheat the motherboard circuitry, resulting in extensive damage.

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iPhone Motherboard repair cost       

Phone Motherboard repair Get it fixt

The iPhone motherboard price varies depending on the extent of damage and the number of ICs and other components damaged.

Get it Fixt provides iPhone motherboard repair in Bondi Beach. iPhone motherboard repairs are complicated fixes performed by trained technicians who are fully acquainted with every model and nearly all logic board faults. We have all of the schematic diagrams and resources needed to properly troubleshoot issues with your iPhone. 

You may contact us or bring your phone to our Bondi Beach store. We’ll thoroughly inspect your phone and determine whether or not the motherboard is broken.

And if the repair costs become too expensive, we’ll look you in the eyes and tell you it’s not worth repairing/replacing it.