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How To Fix An iPhone Speaker That’s Not Working

If your iPhone speaker is not working it could be because of an underlying issue and this may further cause other features to not function properly. Even with headphones on you won’t be able to hear anything if the speaker isn’t working. This will result in you possibly missing out on some important calls, messages and so on. An iPhone, like any other phone, uses the speaker a lot so having it working fine is crucial.

We will now go through some of the causes and different ways you can fix your iPhone speaker issue.

Causes for iPhone Speaker Damage

When it comes to damages in iPhones it can either be software or hardware related. When we talk about software it’s usually due to the malfunctioning of certain signals that help the speaker work. The best part of having software issues is that it can be taken care of right at home in a smooth sailing process.

Whereas in the case of hardware related issues, the problem can be much bigger. Some of the components inside may be destroyed. There is a thin material that creates quick vibrations to give sound output. If this material gets damaged in any way, your iPhone speaker may stop working entirely, make static noises, or make your iPhone speaker muffled. The best idea if it is a hardware issue  is to get help by professionals. There are plenty of places who provide phone repairs so it’s safest to contact them.

Now let’s start with solutions.

Check If It’s In Silent Mode

Sometimes we panic before going through the basics of our settings. Go to the navigation bar of your iphone and check once if the silent mode is on or if the volume button is on the lower side. It is quite easy to press on the volume buttons without realizing so do make sure to check this first. 

If it hasn’t been on silent mode or if the volume was already at the optimal level and there is still no sound please continue reading to check out the other methods.

Check If It’s Been Left On Headphones Mode

Headphones mode is when the phone is connected to either earphones or headphones and all sound now plays through them. In some rare cases your phone may think that some headphones are connected and go into headphone mode even when they aren’t. This is usually caused by some dust or debris that is touching the inside of the earphone jack and due to their sensitivity levels being quite high the phone can be mistaken. 

Just take a peek once to see if there is any foreign article that could have gotten stuck in there. 

If this doesn’t work either then please check out the other methods as well.

Turn Off Bluetooth

These days we use many different bluetooth operated devices to listen to various stuff and we tend to turn the button off once we’re done. There’s a good chance that your phone is still connected to it if you had been listening to some music on a bluetooth speaker. Just drop down to the settings or swipe up to get the navigation bar and turn it off.

If this works then that’s good but if there are still problems persisting after this then don’t worry as we have some more suggestions.

Restart The Phone 

If there is some temporary software glitch in your phone then a simple restart can be the right solution, it’s quick and easy so it is worth a try. Just hold down the power button until it switches off and then wait for about 30 seconds to turn it  back on.

Once the restart is done try again to see if your seeker is working. If not then it is time to call in the experts.

Take It For Repair

This is the best solution if none of the above worked as expert technicians will be able to diagnose not just the overlying problem but the root cause of it. They will be able to tell you if the iphone repair is serious or not and get it fixed right away. 


Now that we’ve gone through all the different methods it’s now time for you to give it a try in case your speaker isn’t working. If you’re wondering where you need to go if none of the home remedies work then you’ve come to the right place. Get It Fixt is a leading repair centre where we take the utmost care in providing the best of our services. Our team can take a look and get your iPhone speaker repairs done in a jiffy with efficiency of course. Contact us today to get more insight into our services.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Stay tuned for more blogs in the future.