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Tips To Clean iPhone Charging Port

Current times have shown us what an impact the mobile phone has made on our daily lives. We depend on this small handheld device for multiple reasons. From shopping to banking to entertainment or just communicating with others we use it all the time. Often we are faced with the issue that the phone battery doesn’t charge and it’s not always due to some internal phone damage; it could be as simple as dust just settling in your iPhone’s charging port. 

Over a period of time there is bound to be a lot of dust and other tiny debris collected there. There isn’t one specific reason for this as it could be due to the surroundings of where you live, work or hang out often. Even keeping your iPhone in your pocket or bag can allow dust particles to find their way to the charging port.

If you would like to clean out your iPhone’s charging port then you can take a look into the following methods that will be listed out. Do remember that the port isn’t that easy to access so you have to be extra careful.

Use A Q-Tip

Periodic cleaning of your iPhone’s charging port will ensure that there won’t be too much build up of dust in the future. You can use a q-tip or some cotton to help you out. Make sure the tip is non abrasive and gentle to avoid any extra damage. Here are a few steps to follow while using the Q-tip:

  1. Take your q-tip in hand and make sure it is small enough to fit into the charging port. 
  2. Insert it into the port and then gently twist it around
  3. Remove and check to see if you were able to clean some of the dirt off
  4. Insert the charging cable to see if it works
  5. If it does then that’s good. But if it doesn’t then you can repeat steps 1-4 and then retry after that

While the cotton tip is inside you can try jiggling it around carefully to allow the dust that’s clinging on to the inner surface to fall and be cleaned away. By removing the dust from the main section of the port your charger will now be able to recognize the section inside and the charging process will begin smoothly once again.

Just remember that only dry items must be used. The use of any cleaning supplies or chemicals can seriously damage the inside port which could end the life of your phone permanently. 

Use A Paperclip for Cleaning the Charging Port

Using a paperclip can seem easy since it is already the right size and shape to help you clean those dirty ports but it can be quite tricky. How? Well the risk factor is on the higher end as you can potentially scrape and damage the sensitive touch points inside the port. You have to take your time and be very careful if you opt for this method. First inspect your port and then remove the debris over the sensitive parts carefully so you can finish the job quickly and start charging your mobile phone. Here are a few steps to follow while using a paperclip:

  1. Take your paperclip or needle
  2. Carefully insert the thin metal into the port
  3. Stay cautious at all times and loosen the first that has accumulated inside with the utmost care you can muster
  4. Try charging your phone now and see if the method worked
  5. In case it didn’t you can repeat the steps or give the next method a try

Use Compressed Air

One thing that is understood is that there won’t be any extra physical damage to the port if air is being used. As the port comprises a lot of small fragile parts compressed air can be one of the best solutions to the problem. Here are a few steps to follow while using compressed air:

  1. Take the canister of compressed air
  2. The nozzle should be placed at a small distance from the entrance of the port
  3. Spray the compressed air in small bursts and make sure to take small intervals between each burst
  4. Keep doing this up until you remove as much dirt as you can 
  5. Try inserting the charging cable to see if it works now

Remember that you need to invest in a canister of compressed air. Do not try blowing in it yourself as that would cause more harm than good.

Seek Professional Help

In case none of these methods work then it is time to visit a service centre and get professional help to fix your phone. They will be able to carry it out quickly and efficiently in no time. 


We hope you were able to gain some insight into the methods that can help in cleaning your iPhone charging port. For any iPhone repairs or iPhone battery replacement and much more you can visit our mobile repair store in Bondi Beach where we will take care of all your phone problems as you relax and enjoy yourself. Contact us for more information.

Thanks for reading.