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The Ultimate Apple iPhone 13 Review You Have Been Waiting For

The Apple iPhone 13 series was unveiled during Apple’s annual launch event on September 14, with pre-orders beginning on September 17. This device features a brighter screen, a smaller notch, and a longer battery, as well as the new, faster Apple A15 Bionic Chip, advanced cameras, and the iOS 15 operating system.

Customers asked for a better camera, extended battery life, greater storage, and a clear, vivid display, and Apple delivered. Apple’s new iPhone range launched in Australia last month, if you’ve not decided which one you want yet, we’re here to assist. The standard iPhone is a superb smartphone for the money, owing to a handful of improvements and excellent picture and audio quality.

Apple’s iPhone 13 (priced at $799) is a powerhouse when it comes to battery life, outshining previous premium smartphones by a considerable margin. While we appreciate the iPhone 13 mini’s improved pocketability, the iPhone 12 mini’s poor sales reminded us that most users prefer long battery life over a compact size.

Even if the other upgrades from the prior generation are practically invisible here, the battery boost is so significant that the $100 increase over a standard-size iPhone 12 is very well worth it.

The new iPhone isn’t a major breakthrough for Apple’s smartphone range, but it is an interesting model that boasts longer battery life, a faster CPU, and a better camera system than previous iPhones. This is a great option if you want a fast and capable phone but don’t require the extra features of the more expensive Pro variant. Before making an iPhone 13 purchase, read our iPhone 13 review first!

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Pros Of iPhone 13

pros of iphone 13 getitfixt
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Excellent design
  • Powerful internals

Cons Of Apple iPhone 13

cons of iphone 13 getitfixt
  • Minor design changes
  • No 120Hz screen
  • No Ceramic Shield on the back

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Key iPhone 13 Specs

key spec iphone 13
  • Starts from $1,349 (also available on plans from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone)
  • 5G connectivity
  • 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display
  • Rear cameras with the dual 12-megapixel wide-angle and ultra-wide lenses
  • TrueDepth front camera (12 megapixels)
  • A15 Bionic Chip with Neural Engine, 6-core CPU, 4-core GPU, iOS 15 operating system
  • Water and dust resistance IP68
  • Video playback for up to 19 hours
  • MagSafe and QI wireless charging are both supported.
  • Storage capacities of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB are available.

The iPhone 13 costs AU$1,349, which is the same as the iPhone 12 in Australia. The iPhone 12 retailed for $799 / £799 / AU$1,349 when it was first released.

For that price, you’ll get 128GB of storage – Apple has dropped its 64GB models this year, and it’s about time. The 256GB costs AU$1,519, while the 512GB iPhone 13 costs AU$1,869. If you are looking to purchase these latest iPhone models, visit our store in Bondi Beach.

Apple iPhone 13 Design

iphone 13 design getitfixt

The iPhone 13 resembles the iPhone 12 in appearance. It’s almost identical in size to the iPhone 12 at 5.8 by 2.8 by 0.3 inches (HWD) and 6.1 ounces, but it’s a third of a pound heavier. Blue, pink, red, “midnight” and “starlight” are the five colour options available. The iPhone 13 boasts a 6.1-inch, 2,532-by-1,170-pixel OLED display with a broad colour and Apple’s True Tone colour management, same as the iPhone 12. Apple claims that the usual brightness has increased to 800cd/m2, up from 625cd/m2 on the iPhone 12.

On the front, there’s one difference to note, and on the rear, there’s another.

The “notch” at the top for Face ID is slightly smaller on the front—Apple claims it is 20% smaller.

The two-camera lenses on the rear are somewhat bigger and staggered horizontally rather than vertically.

The latest iPhone 13 has a flat-edge design, which was first seen on the iPhone 12 series. That means the phone’s shape is a little more angular than previous models’ rounded finishes, but it’s still easy to use one-handed. The phone’s front and back panels are both made of glass, but only the front panel features Apple’s trademarked Ceramic Shield technology, which first debuted on the iPhone 12 last year. Apple claims that this glass is four times as resistant to drops as prior iPhone glass. Get the latest models at best prices only at our store in Bondi Beach.

iPhone 13 Features

iphone 13 features getitfixt

As per iPhone 13 specs, it has the A15 Bionic processor, which is the first of its kind.

It has a new six-core CPU as well as four high-efficiency cores making it 50 per cent faster than the competition.

The new GPU is said to be 30% quicker than competitors, and a new 16-core Neural Engine implies machine learning abilities have improved as well. Apple has been able to unlock new iOS 15 features such as Live Text in Camera and a new 3D Maps navigation function as a result of this.


iphone 13 camera getitfixt

The iPhone 13 reviews about the camera system don’t appear all that different from the one on last year’s model but there are some significant improvements here, including changes to the camera’s hardware as well as a slew of software modifications. On the back, there are two cameras: a 12MP wide-angle camera with an f/1.6 aperture and a 12MP ultrawide camera with an f/2.4 aperture and a 120-degree field of view. Because there is no telephoto lens and you must rely on digital zoom, this phone isn’t ideal for long-distance photography.

You’ll also get Apple’s Sensor-Shift OIS technology, which debuted in last year’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and offers the finest image stabilisation we’ve seen on an iPhone, allowing you to take crisp photos even when the phone isn’t absolutely still.

Photographic Styles, which can be accessed through the camera app, is a new feature here.

Custom looks, such as Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool, may be applied to your photographs with these.

A 12MP f/2.2 wide camera on the front of the phone performs well for selfies and video calls. The front cameras on iPhones have always been outstanding, and while there are no significant advancements here, you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

As per iPhone 13 specs,it can capture video at 4K at 24, 30, and 60 frames per second, as well as Full HD at 30, 60, 120, and 240 frames per second

The introduction of Cinematic Mode, which allows you to shoot with a bokeh effect in which the backdrop of your shot is blurred, is the major video recording enhancement. The effect switches between people because it follows faces in the picture.

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iphone 13 software getitfixt

The Apple’s iPhone 13 comes with iOS 15 preinstalled, allowing you to make use of all of Apple’s latest software capabilities. The upgrades for 2021 are not quite as big as the big update we saw with iOS 14, but the new features are intriguing, including a new Focus mode that can be accessed via a dropdown menu.

Is The iPhone 13 A Good Purchase? 

iphone 13 purchase getitfixt

Buy it if: 

  • You have an old iPhone–  

If you have an iPhone 12, the new iPhone is probably not for you since there isn’t enough new here to justify an upgrade – but if you have an earlier iPhone, like an iPhone 8 or iPhone XR, there’s enough to be thrilled about.

  • You require a long-lasting battery- 

The iPhone 13’s battery life is a significant improvement over prior iPhone models. Choose this iPhone over previous and less expensive versions if you require a smartphone that can last a whole day on a single charge.

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Don’t forget to read our iPhone 13 review before buying it, or come down to our store in Bondi Beach!

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