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Top iOS 15.1 Features

Apple’s latest iPhone software update iOS 15.1 is here, and we’ll tell you about all the new features it offers the users. Last month, Apple unveiled updates for iPhones, along with four new phones: the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, as well as the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. With iOS 15.1, a new OS upgrade is now available. When iOS 15 was released, it included several new and improved features. 

We finally received some of the new features we’ve been waiting for with the release of the iOS update  — Apple’s first big upgrade to the newest major version of the specialised operating system for all iPhone devices. Unlike the previous version of iOS 15, iPhone 15.1 OS is a major update that is significantly larger than its predecessor. It updates the iPhone with a variety of new features, repairs, and improvements.

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iOS 15.1 Release Date- Apple released iOS 15.1 on Monday, October 25. 

iOS 15.1: Eligible Devices– The latest update is available for all Apple iPhone devices that were eligible for iOS 15. This indicates that iPhone devices released after 2015, including the iPhone 6S, will be able to download and install.

Download iOS 15.1-  Go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the iOS update. The download is around 1.4GB in size.

Tip: Before you start the download, make a backup of your device — it’s the safest step you can do before installing any large update.

What’s New For IPhone In iOS 15.1- Apple has made changes to iOS 15.1  features in six key categories. Let’s start with the most breaking updates:

iOS 15.1 Feature: SharePlay

ios 15.1 shareplay

The ability for SharePlay is the most notable iOS 15.1 feature. This feature was supposed to be included in the first release of iOS 15, but Apple postponed it so that it could be further refined. SharePlay is a “new approach to share synchronised experiences in FaceTime,” according to Apple.

Apple’s long-awaited feature, SharePlay, is now available on iPhone. FaceTime, which allows users to share content from Apple TV, Apple Music, Fitness+, and other applications with friends during a video call, was one of the highlights of the iOS 15 update release.

Everyone on the call may manage the media playing, and smart volume will automatically reduce the level of the film or song when someone begins to speak. With SharePlay, you can even share your screen, making FaceTime more like other video conferencing apps.

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iPhone 13 Pro And 13 Pro Max Camera Updates

ios 15.1 camera update

Apple has added ProRes video to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max with iPhone iOS 15.1 OS. Apple’s ProRes is a professional video codec that reduces video compression while keeping file sizes small. More people will have access to a professional video standard with the addition of this codec on the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max.

On the 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, the update now offers the ability to disable automatic camera switching while capturing macro photographs and videos. If you are looking to purchase these latest iPhone models, visit our store in Bondi Beach. 

To enable ProRes recording on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to Camera
  • Go to Formats
  • Toggle on Apple ProRes

To record in Apple ProRes:

  • Open the Camera app
  • Switch to the video mode
  • Make sure the format is set to 4K 30FPS or 1080P 60FPS
  • Toggle on ProRes in the top-left corner

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Add Your COVID Vaccine Card To Wallet

ios 15.1 feature wallet

One of the iOS 15.1 features is Verifiable COVID vaccination cards in Apple Wallet.

They may be used to check vaccination status at supported locations such as airports, concert venues, and more after they’ve been added to Wallet.

iOS 15.1: Home App

iOS 15.1 Home App

New update offers new automation triggers based on HomeKit-enabled sensors that monitor humidity, air quality, or light level may be established.


iPhone 15.1 OS added New actions for overlaying text on photos or GIFs are included in Shortcuts, as well as new Siri games.

Bug Fixes In iOS 15.1 Update

Bug Fixes iOS 15.1

Apple’s latest iOS 15.1 updates don’t simply provide new features; they also fix bugs in the software, such as these six:

  • When importing photos and videos, the Photos app may mistakenly suggest that storage is full.
  • The current temperature for My Location may not be displayed in the Weather app, and the colours of dynamic backdrops may be improperly displayed.
  • When you lock the screen, audio from an app may pause.
  • When using VoiceOver with many passes, Wallet may crash abruptly.
  • It’s possible that available Wi-Fi networks aren’t detected.
  • On iPhone 12 models, battery algorithms were upgraded to better predict battery capacity over time. 

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