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Tips To Save iPhone Battery Life

In this current generation it has become hard whether you are old or young to live without our smartphones. It’s our source to stay in touch with our loved ones and for many other reasons. But these small devices can’t run forever. Their battery does have a limit and they do drain faster if it has to handle more tasks. 

Before we dive into the ways you can save your iPhone’s battery life it’s good to first be aware of some things that you always need to keep in mind when it comes to the battery to avoid any mobile repairs. Some of them are:

  • Don’t let your phone stay in 0% or 100% for longer than it should as this could stress the batteries more often than not.
  • Fast charging may seem convenient but this has a negative effect on the battery life
  • Try to maintain optimal temperatures for your battery to avoid overheating and bulging

Now getting on to the good stuff. Here’s a list of ways you can conserve iPhone battery life.

Power-Saving Mode

This is by far the best feature that smartphones have these days. It manages your phone’s battery by running only the essential tasks while keeping others at bay. This mode usually kicks in by itself when your battery drops down to a charge of 20% but you don’t have to wait until then to activate it. If you have about 80% charge you can conserve it better with this feature when you go into the settings of the phone.

Screen Brightness

Nowadays everyone wants big, clear and bright screens to have crisp video quality at all times. But as you use this day in and day out it can drain the iPhone’s battery life at alarming speeds. Adjusting your screen brightness is not only good for your battery life but also your eyes cause if the brightness is too high or too low it can cause some strain. Switching the brightness can be done either in the settings or in the navigation bar of your iPhone. Just swipe up, adjust the slider and voila!

App Battery Usage

Apps are very important to us these days as every app performs something that we feel we need. Be it entertainment or for work we tend to download a bunch of them. Your iPhone maintains a list of how much battery every app is using up which you can view in your phone settings. Over there you’ll be able to locate the culprit that is draining your battery. In case you can’t get rid of that app because it is important and needed then you can look into the other unused apps and clear those out. Either way you will be conserving more battery life. 

Tap the little clock icon along the right edge to see how long each app has run on screen or in the background during your selected time frame. Knowing this, you can limit using power-hungry apps when you’re running low. 

Limit Notifications

When you open your phone just to see a bunch of notifications it can be a bit annoying and worse than that it will continuously drain your battery. Instead of this you can limit the apps that you allow notifications to be shown. Cutting down on the interruptions like text message alerts, tweets, instagram likes, etc. can save your iPhone battery and sanity. 

Just visit your phone’s setting and choose the apps you think are relevant like the ones for work or school. Another way to do so is when the notification pops up you can disable them from showing up in the future. The last option is to turn off notifications completely but this may hinder in finding out about important iPhone updates so it’s better to just mute certain app’s notifications.


Hope this blog gives you a little more insight into some of the ways you can conserve your battery life. If you are looking for battery replacements and other iPhone repairs feel free to contact us to know more about our services. At Get it Fixt we pride ourselves with offering some of the finest mobile services in Bondi Beach. Make sure you visit us if you face any issues and we’ll fix it while you catch some waves.

Thanks for reading.