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Some common Galaxy S10 problems and ways to fix them

Galaxy S10 is a highly popular mobile brand highly famous in society. It has some great features and fancy characteristics. But like the moon, every beautiful object has some flaws. Galaxy S10 also has some common issues

Given below are the most common Galaxy S10 problems and how to fix them. As an informed user, you must know about all the problems and how to fix them.

Are you facing Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner problems?

Samsung Galaxy S10 puts screen protectors which makes the fingerprint scanner setup process on a new set quite tricky. You can fix this issue quickly using a few steps. First of all, make the Samsung Day one software update which automatically makes the fingerprint scanner process speedy and reliable. It should most probably work. If this too doesn’t work, you always have the option to remove the screen protector and then set up the fingerprint scanner. There are a few more tricks to help you fix this problem. Place your fingers on different locations on the fingerprint scanner to allow it to register your fingerprint correctly. Also, try to hold your phone as naturally as possible.

Fix accidental screen touch problems with this simple setting.

One of the most common issues in the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the opening of the edge apps panel due to accidental screen touch. This problem is expected because the Galaxy S10 model almost lacks a bezel. The coolest yet the simplest solution to fix this issue is to disable the edge apps panel from the settings. Just open the settings and switch the accidental touch protection on. It will sort out one of the most common Galaxy S10 problems for you.

Can’t open your favourite apps full screen?

Samsung Galaxy S10 is a beautifully sleek model with a 6.1 or 6.4 inch Quad HD screen. But this unique feature brings with it a disadvantage as well. Many of the apps are still not compatible with 18.5:9 ratio resolution and thus do not open full screen on the device. If you are facing such a problem with apps, head to the settings, go to display, select the app, and change the setting from auto to full screen. It is a simple yet effective way to enjoy all your apps in full-screen ultra HD mode.

Want the app drawer button back?

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 does not have any physical buttons, home key, or app tray icon. This feature might take time to get incorporated into everyone’s lives. Some users might even get frustrated and want the old format back. If you are one of those frustrated old format lovers, then read on to find the solution. First of all, touch and hold any vacant area on your screen. Then a layout page will open up and give you setting options. Tap Settings and find the option ‘Apps button’. Once you reach the ‘apps button’ select the ‘show apps button’ and you are ready to go.

Freezing problems 

It can be frustrating when your device suddenly stops responding. It is usually rare, but you must know all the potential Galaxy S10 problems and how to fix them. To fix this issue, press the power and volume button simultaneously and hold it for some time. Usually, 7-8 seconds are enough for the phone to turn off and reboot. 

Fixing the Bluetooth related problems

Bluetooth related issues like unable to find devices or unable to make the connection are quite common in Galaxy S10. If you face any such problems first turn off and again switch on the Bluetooth. This trick works most of the time but if by any chance this fails, try forgetting the device entirely and repair with it.

Other Wifi and GPS related issues

The innovative Smart Switch tool of Samsung Galaxy S10 allows you to restore all your old phone data into the new set. It includes wifi information as well, and this may hinder connection. So, it is advisable that you completely forget the wifi network and re-enter again. Or you can also reset your network settings and change it to default. With this simple trick, you can fix most problems related to wifi.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a wonderful model, but like all other technological devices, it poses some common issues. You can fix most problems; you need to identify and know the problems and how to fix them. It would be best if you were a pro to fix most problemsCommon Galaxy S10 problems are fingerprint scanner, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi related minor issues which are relatively easy to deal with.