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A smartphone is like the heart of a person. With time, technology has taken over humankind. It
has affected humans to an extent where their smartphones have become their life. Your heart is
like a closed book in which you have all your secrets. You tell your heart everything. Now if you
think for a minute, your smartphone is the same. You have all your personal information stored
in it. It knows all your secrets. Every app and every folder is like a page from your closed book.
When your smartphone screen cracks, it feels like your heart has shattered. Moreover, if that
smartphone is Samsung Galaxy S10, then it hurts a bit more. The screen of a Samsung
smartphone is very delicate. One fall is enough to bring cracks on it. Samsung Galaxy S10 is
already very expensive. It will be no wonder if someone gets a heart attack on its fall. Since it is
a flagship smartphone, people carry it with pride. There is nothing much you can do other than
being careful to keep the phone crack-free. However, for those with an already broken S10
display, here is what you can do.

Backup Of Your Galaxy S10 Files

When a smartphone cracks, the most obvious step is to repair it. People just rush to the repair
shop as if they are searching for a doctor. They don't think about anything else. Even you will do
something similar if it happens to your Galaxy S10. However, it is not the wisest decision. As
mentioned before, your phone is a very personal property of yours. It has many important files
that matter to you. When you give your phone out for repair, you have to be careful. Always
make a backup for all important files of your smartphone. There is a risk of loss of data when
you give your smartphone for repair. A data, once lost, may prove to be too costly for you. So,
keep a backup before you rush to a repair store.

Checking The Functionality Of Your Samsung Galaxy S10

Sometimes the impact of the fall can be very extreme. When a screen cracks, there are
chances that it may not work at all. In such a case, you won't be able to back up your
smartphone. So you need to keep checking the functionality of your phone. For that, you have
to tap on the smartphone at regular intervals. Random tapping won't be of much use. You have
to tap the edges of the smartphone screen. By tapping on the edges, you can revive the
functionality of your smartphone for some time. Use this time for backing up. Tapping the edges
may bring some positive impact to the digitizer of your smartphone. A working digitizer is
necessary for the smartphone to keep sending commands.

Go For Screen Insurance

Repairing a screen is a very expensive affair. For someone who bought S10 at a high price, it
might come as a nail on their coffin. The company realizes the delicacy of the screen. Hence,
some Samsung shops provide insurance for the screen. The insurance allows you to repair your
screen at huge discounts for a specific time frame. If you ever come across such an offer,
instantly jump onto it. If your screen breaks during the time of insurance, you can repair it at a

low cost. Screen insurance is a smart idea for insurance is not of very high value. However, you
may have to empty your pocket if your screen breaks without insurance.

Choose Samsung Certified Repair Centres

Many people think that official repair centres loot their customers with high bills. They feel the
company exaggerates the problems to charge a higher bill. With this in mind, people opt for
local repair shops that get the job done at a lower cost. However, short-sightedness can cost
them in the long run. The local repair shops use cheap parts to repair the smartphone. Certified
Samsung repair centres use company parts to give top-quality service. People mistake this
quality for the high bill. A walk into a certified centre maybe once in a lifetime affair. However,
you will end up regularly going for repair in case you choose a local repair store.


Samsung Galaxy S10 is no way inferior to an iPhone X. People feel majestic in holding such a
smartphone. People take extra care while using such smartphones. However, basic precautions
are very important. Always use a screen card to protect the screen from future falls. Screen
cards block the impact of a fall onto the screen. Never take your smartphone cover off. You may
like the premium look of your S10. However, keeping it without a back cover can cost you a lot
of money. The saying, ‘Prevention is better than cure’ never grows old.