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How to Repair the Cracked Screen of Phone

A cell phone screen has 2 major parts- the actual LCD and the glass. The glass covers the LCD, providing additional protection against accidental damage and acting as a digitizer on touch screen smartphones. While the broken glass may be easy to replace on many cell phone models, if your phone has cracked on the LCD, repairing the device will require you to take additional efforts.

If you’ve broken or damaged your screen, you need to repair it quickly. If you don’t have the time or money to take it into the local stores for repairs, you can do it easily at home. All you need is an inexpensive repair kit or simple tools that you might already have, and you also need a new screen.

Follow the given steps to repair your screen:

Step 1

Remove the battery cover, battery, and any cards, like SIM cards or SD cards, from the device.

Step 2

Remove the screws using the small star-shaped (pentalobe) screwdriver from the back of the device, along with the screws around the LCD. The type of screws will vary depending on your phone manufacturer and model, but will generally be either T4, T6, or #00 Phillips screws.

Step 3

Pry the housing off the device using your pry stick. Once you are sure all the screws are out, just insert your pry stick anywhere between two pieces of housing, then move the stick around the housing’s perimeter to disconnect the clips holding the pieces together. Continue to remove housing pieces until you are left with just the control board and LCD, sitting in half of their respective housing.

Step 4

Disconnect the control board from the LCD, and the digitizer, if necessary. Remove the screws and lift the connector shield. There may be more than one connector depending on the model of your iPhone. At the bottom of the phone, you’ll see a metal plate covering the home button. Take your pentalobe screwdriver and remove the two small screws.

Step 5

Pry up the LCD to remove it from its housing. On some versions, you will also have to pry the glass off the LCD. Using the heat gun on the glass for about 30 seconds will loosen the adhesive enough to separate the glass in these cases. Note that some versions of the iPhone have the glass and LCD permanently stuck together. When you get your replacement LCD, look and see if the glass is included. If it is, you can skip trying to pry the glass and LCD apart.

Step 6

Place the cracked LCD aside and put your replacement LCD in its place in the housing. Reassemble the device by simply reversing the steps you took to get the device apart. And also, remember, for iPhone 6 and above, you’ll need to apply new adhesive to the back panel of the iPhone. You shouldn’t leave any gap between the phone and the screen. You can now turn on and use your phone.

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